Intensive French immersion course for adults


Residential programs for one to four weeks
in Foix, Southwest France, between Toulouse and the Pyrenees




Classes, conversation and outings : a relaxed, informal

way to learn French in a small group


The course allows you to be in French speaking surroundings throughout the day, 35 hours a week.

You learn to speak French with more confidence.

The small group of participants with a similar level ensures individual attention and gives the opportunity to adapt to each student's specific needs.

- Morning classes emphasize oral communication (speaking and listening, pronunciation) but also gives a chance to learn or review specific grammar points and vocabulary.


- Lunches : informal conversation practice takes place at lunchtime with your instructor, in nearby restaurants.

- Outings allow you to practise French with locals whilst discovering the area. A langage activity in the class can take place instead of a visit in case of bad wheather.

Courses are held throughout the year : see calendar for details




A typical weekly schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:


09:00-12:00 : lesson with coffee break

12:30-13-30 : lunch with your instructor

14:00-17:00 : outing and practice



09:00-12:00 : lesson in the morning, free afternoon

Friday (market day in Foix) :


09:00-12:00 : lesson and visit to Foix market

12:30-13-30 : lunch with your instructor

14:00-16:00 : lesson and assessment of the week.